Do you have coverage for your jewelry?
You're engaged and now have that pretty little ROCK on your finger. You love it. You flaunt it in every selfie (because who wouldn't?!) but what happens if you lose it, damage it, or if it gets stolen?
Protect it now. It's quick and simple.
You will receive an email from Kim Tran who is affiliated with BOLT Insurance Agency. 
Why do I need coverage?
We have partnered up with an insurance company to provide our clients with jewelry insurance so they can wear their gems in peace. 

The insurance protects all types jewelry including engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, and more. 

What's great is that it covers repair and replacement should anything happen to it. 

Did we mention that it's protected even when you travel the world? Like on your honeymoon?
how does it work?
Estimate the Cost
Determine what you need to insure and approximately how much it's worth.
Apply for Coverage
Describe your intented jewelry to be insured and a bit about yourself.
Wear Your Jewelry as Usual
You can go about your day worry-free knowing your jewelry is protected. 
File A Claim
We're sad to hear something happend. Reference your policy documents from the insurance company and start the claim process.